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About Us

Our organization is based on the Japanese proverb, Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight.  It is a saying about perseverance and never giving up no matter how many times life knocks you down.  This is a message we live by and a message we relay to our supporters and recipients.  All of our recipients have fallen on hard times.  Get Up 8 will be there to help pick them up no matter how many times they fall.  With some perseverance, Get Up 8 and our supporters will help our recipients get up and stay up.  
Get Up 8 Foundation was formed by a small group of friends who believed in the importance of a strong, well-supported community. Get Up 8 Foundation is putting into place fund development opportunities to help aid individuals, families and groups in our community who are in need.  This is a foundation about helping people bounce back from struggles that life has thrown in their path.​

Sometimes because of our own pressures and stress, we don’t have time or energy to concern ourselves with those around us.  The Get Up 8 Foundation is also a movement to help people reach enlightenment on their ability to give back to their community.
Get Up 8 Foundation is a 501 c(3) Nonprofit Corporation incorporated through the California Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation under the California Nonprofit Corporation Law.  All Get Up 8 Board of Directors and staff are volunteers.  No salaries or retribution is paid in working for the organization.
Thank you.
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