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About Kelli - The Race 2015

Kelli Sakaguchi is a sweet 13 year old who resides in Torrance.  In June, 2014, Kelli, along with another family, had been involved in a very serious car accident on the 91 Freeway.  Kelli suffered brain trauma, a spinal cord injury and a broken leg.  She was in intensive care for several weeks in an induced coma.  With a strong will and the support of her family and friends, Kelli survived this critical period and managed to get strong enough to leave the hospital.  Although her leg has healed and she became strong enough to return to her school to complete the 8th grade, Kelli is unable to walk and will continue to endure months of physical therapy.  She currently remains mobile via a wheelchair.
Prior to the accident, Kelli was active playing basketball almost all of her weekends.  A few weeks before the accident, she joined the Lanakila Outrigger Canoeing Club.  Kelli really enjoyed paddling and was looking forward to learning this new sport over the summer.  
Kelli enjoys going out to dinners, movies and hanging out with her friends.  Her family enjoys going to Disneyland and visiting Hawaii each summer.
The Race will be held on Saturday, May 2 at the Long Beach Marine Stadium.  Proceeds from The Race will go towards Kelli's recovery and long term needs.  
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