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About Kristine - The Race 2014



In December of 2013, Orange County local Kristine Gonzalez, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. At the age of 31 and mother of a 3 year old girl, Kristine knew she had to do her best to get better right away. Kristine took all the proper blood test, consulted the best doctors she could afford and prepped herself for the long road ahead. Kristine recently completed post grad work, but knew that this new challenge would postpone her career as a nurse practitioner.


When Kristine’s blood test results came back, doctors saw something that was wrong right away. To protect her immune system, she was immediately admitted to the hospital. Test results concluded that Kristine carried a rare form of leukemia. With the thyroid cancer and the leukemia quickly taking spread, she spent four consecutive weeks during the holidays hospital under special watch.


Today, Kristine’s condition has improved and is living back at home. She recently started chemo treatment, but the sensitivity of her condition makes an extended stay at the hospital highly probable. She is currently under disability and cannot work in the near future. While getting treatment for both her thyroid cancer and leukemia, the cost for treatment is looming. Health insurance is slated to cover a portion of her medical cost, but will not cover 100%. To help off set future cost Get Up 8 is hosting their 2nd Annual Jamie Pajo Outrigger race to help raise funds for Kristine and build awareness to her condition and circumstance.






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