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About Linda - The Auction 2015

Linda is described by her sister as a dental assistant who loves to be a part of the reason why people smile, but lately she has not seen her sister smiling.  Linda is 30 years old and was just diagnosed with Cervical Cancer.  She is scheduled for surgery to remove the cancerous tumor in her cervix at the end of the month.  Her doctors believe that the cancer has also spread to her lower intestines and ovaries.  On top of the overwhelming treatments and surgery her doctors have planned for her, she must also accept the fact that she will lose the ability to have and carry her own children.  One of Linda's dreams has always been to have a big family of her own, but new her future plans have changed drastically and her life has been put on pause.  Linda's oncologist has referred her to a fertility specialist to help her plan her desired future by freezing and storing her eggs.  Unfortunately, the fertility procedures are not covered by Medi-Cal.
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