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About Tomo - The Race 2013



Tomoaki Steven Kadono is the type of person anyone would be lucky to call a friend.  Genuine, generous, and selfless, Tomo always puts his friends and family before himself. It is a running  joke among Tomo’s friends that Tomo made sure his beloved dogs, Kumo and Kilo, ate better than him.


Tomo has never had it “easy.”  Circumstances were such that when Tomo was in primary school his parents had to return to their native Japan to live.  For Tomo and his older brother, Keita, a difficult decision was made that, rather than leave their established lives and increased opportunity in the US, they would remain here together.


Since then, Tomo and Keita have continuously supported each other, as they came of age, as they finished school, and as they entered the workforce.  It was hardly ever easy.  But neither brother complained, neither brother asked for anything, and neither brother ever quit on the other.


His entire life, Tomo courageously and steadfastly overcame the considerable adversity with which he has been faced, one obstacle at a time.


Today Tomo faces the greatest challenge of his life.  On September 2, 2012, Tomo suffered a serious spinal cord injury, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down.  He is 29 years old.  Tomo has a long and incredibly expensive road to recovery.  As before, he is determined to overcome this tremendous obstacle.


But this time, Tomo needs the support of his family and friends to get down his road to recovery  Please show your support and love for Tomo by donating to his care and ongoing medical expenses.





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