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About Ben -The Auction 2012

At the age of 36 Ben Tran had a left hemispheric stroke that affected the right side of his body.  Ben suffered from paralysis of his right side and is left today with 10% movement in his right arm and 30% movement in his right leg.  His balance, coordination and motor skills are affected.  He had to relearn to walk and learn to write with his left hand.  Ben suffers from memory problems including a shortened retention span and difficulty in learning new information.  The doctors stopped his physical therapy stating that Ben is at the maximum of his rehabilitation.  Ben is not satisfied with the diagnosis from the doctors.

What Ben was most proud about in his pre-stroke life was his ability to be a great father to his 8 year old son Spencer.  With an active 8 year old, Ben loved to spend time with Spencer and focus on the activities that his son loved to do.   Today, it is really difficult for Ben to keep up with his son.  Without a drivers license, Ben can’t take Spencer on the different adventures they used to partake in.  They have to take the bus to places and it is really difficult for Ben to walk around and have the energy to be out for long periods of time.  It is really challenging for Ben to deal with not being able to see the excitement and joy Spencer used to show when going out on their adventures. 

Ben does daily physical and mental exercises to try and improve his abilities.  Without the doctors offering physical therapy he doesn’t even know if he’s doing exercises that are helping him.  Ben has tried to get a job, applying at many businesses but nobody will hire him with his limitations and liabilities.  Ben does not accept the doctor’s diagnosis that he has reached his maximum physical and mental potential at the age of 38.  He still has his whole life to live and will not quit in the fight to improve ability.  In saying that, Ben also did not know where to go from this point. 
Ben was almost ready to quit and deal with his life with limitations, he was almost ready to have Spencer deal with their life together with limitations.  Ben’s outlook on life changed when he was offered the idea of a second chance.  When the Get Up 8 Foundation heard Ben’s story, they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.  The Get Up 8 Foundation offered to help raise money in an effort for Ben to receive Stem Cell Therapy.  In Ben and his family’s view, Stem Cell Therapy is the only way that Ben will ever be able to see improvement in his abilities.  They feel with the doctors already giving up on him, Stem Cell Therapy will be his last hope.  Stem Cell Therapy is a treatment that provides the body with stem cells in the location where it is needed in order to assist in the healing and regeneration of it’s existing cells.  Ben only dreamt that this process would be possible because of the costs of the procedure but with the help of Get Up 8 Foundation his dreams could become a reality.  Ben stated “I want to give the best for Spencer and now I might get that chance.”
How can you help Ben win?  Come join us on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at “The Auction” at Dave & Busters in the Block of Orange, California.  “The Auction” is an event benefiting Ben Tran and his fight for a life without limitations.
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