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About Yuriko - The Auction 2013





Our 2013 grant recipient is Yuriko Kato of Torrance, California.  Yuriko Kato’s husband, Chris Christopher, passed away earlier this year at the age of 40 due to a sudden heart attack caused by an enlarged heart.  He collapsed at work and was transported to a nearby hospital.  After several days of being kept alive by a heart machine, Yuriko made the tough decision to do what she felt was best and “pull the plug.”  While visiting her husband at the hospital before this took place, Yuriko suddenly fainted and collapsed and was admitted into the same hospital.  Test results indicate that Yuriko may have experienced a small stroke.  As a result, she now suffers from fatigue, twitching of her left eye and numbness on the left side of her body.   The numbness is so severe that Yuriko once did not even notice that her left shoe had fallen off her foot while walking down the street until it was pointed out to her.  Doctors are unable to find the cause of these symptoms and continue to run tests.  In the meantime, Yuriko continues to receive medical bills for Chris’ hospital stay.  Because the hospital is considered out of network under their medical insurance, the bills have totaled over $100,000.  Unfortunately, Chris did not leave behind any assets or life insurance.  Yuriko and Chris have two daughters, Sumomo (10) and Ayura (7).  Get Up 8 Foundation is raising funds to help Yuriko pay the hospital bills and obtain the tests and treatments necessary for her own symptoms.




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