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About Meili - The Auction 2019

The recipient for “The Auction 2019” is Meili Tao.  Meili is known as infectious, quick-witted, loving and intelligent.  Meili has a rare, progressive neurological disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  Its nickname is “The Suicide Disease.”  CRPS is considered the most painful condition that exists on the planet.  CRPS is characterized by severe burning pain, pathological changes in bone and skin, excessive sweating, tissue swelling, and extreme sensitivity to touch. 


In December 2017, a pain specialist diagnosed Meili with CRPS.  Since this time, she has been virtually immobile.  Meili is no longer able to work given that she cannot perform mentally or physically, no matter how hard she tries.  Her short-term disability has ended, she is battling for long-term disability approval and has no income. With Medi-Cal, she is fighting to get approved for the treatments and doctors she needs and has received virtually no care.  Meili’s goal is remission.  Her condition is progressive and is rapidly spreading to her hand, hip, and the opposite side of her body.  Meili’s doctors say that her nerves are physically incapable of handling surgery until her nervous system is stabilized.  Funds will be used to pay for treatment to help stabilize Meili’s nervous system. 

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